Tuesday 5.5.20 (At Home Workout)

May 4, 2020



QOD: What is your favorite kind of doughnut? 



Mob: 3 rounds

20s Mt Climbers 

20s Dynamic Spiderman 

20s Plank w Tap 

20s Jumping Jacks 

20s Air Squats 


Skill: Pocket Snatch Tech 

5-6 rounds

If you Have a BB: 

3 Pocket Snatch (Squat Snatch Pref) 


If you have a DB/KB:

  • 3 ea Side Hang Power Snatch DB/KB + 3 PVC/Broomstick OHD Squat 


Strength: Back Squat 

3 sets:

If you have a BB: 

Tempo Squats (131) x5-6 + Side Plank x30s 


If you have a DB/KB: 

Tempo Goblet Squat (131) x8-10 + Side Plank x30s ea


If No Equipment (combine both sections):

30s Split Squat + 30s Side Plank ea Side + Feet Elev Glute Bridge x30s 


WOD: EMOM x15m 

100m Run/Row/Bike 10/8 Cal 


*Rest is remaining time between Mins

*Try to make under 20s adjust distance if necessary meant to be more of a sprint



  1. Run - Row - Bike 


Optional Post Workout: 

Strength: 3 sets 

PM GHRs x6-8 

DB/KB 1 Arm Rows x12-15e


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