2.12.20 Wednesday

February 12, 2020




SB: Piriformis/Hip Flexors/Calves x2m 

Bird Dog x5e + Side Plank x5e 


Would you rather stub your toe or get a brain freeze?


3 rounds: 

30s SU 

15s Rest 

30s R KBS 

15s Rest 

30s PVC OHD Squat 

15s Rest 


PVC 1x5 (RDL, shrug, high pull, power snatch, squat snatch)

BB 1x5 (RDL, shrug, high pull, power snatch, squat snatch)


Skill: Snatch Tech 


3x1 (fl) + 1 (bk) 


Pause at bk for 2 seconds on the way up for first rep, and bk for hang squat snatch on the second rep 


Everyone: Light weight (40-60%)


Then 5x1 Full Snatch (fl) 



First Rep: 65%

Second Rep: 70-75%

Third Rep: 75-80%

Fourth Rep: 80-85%

Fifth Rep: 85% +


NOT a 1RM but five singles to work to a heavy rep for the day


WOD: “Cracker Barrel” 

In an 8 Min window...


100 DU

50 Bar facing Burpee

25 DL (225/155)*

then remaining  time max WallBall

(20/14) (10ft/9ft)


*DL should be 65% or LESS of MAX DL (choose weights appropriately)


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