Our Crossfit program is built around the idea that each and everyday day spent in the gym should be spent around people that you enjoy and that this is one of the absolute best hours out of your day! Our classes are diverse in nature and include athletes of all ages and skill levels. No matter what your level of experience or starting point is, we are all here to get stronger, fitter, faster and do so in an encouraging environment. Our dedicated coaches and individualized programming allows us to help you get the most out of each workout.


Are they to lose weight and get in better fitness shape? Or maybe you’re looking to compete and increase performance for life outside the gym like softball or skiing?


At AP we want to work towards your specific goals and we do so using our individualized fitness assessment and daily programming tracks.

We can do so by tailoring daily workouts into 1 of 4 categories that are separated by goals and specific programming: Fitness, Performance, Rx, and Competition. These tracks are determined during your evaluation and are designed to create the ideal training each and every day for you.



WANT  TO    


     Come in for a free FITNESS ASSESSMENT and let us get to know you and help design a program that will change your life!     



Our fundamentals program is focused on core movements designed specifically to help burn fat, increase conditioning, and build strength through a variety of programming that anyone, regardless of experience.


Whether you are an avid fitness enthusiast or your first time working out, this program is built to challenge everyone.


With smaller class sizes, individualized coaching, and foundational movements this program can get you the results you want or be used as a precursor to entering Crossfit classes.




At Absolute Performance Training, we pride ourselves on the notion that every athlete strives to become faster, stronger, and more explosive. For this reason, it is imperative to design a program specific to the athlete based on not only their sport but also their individual needs. By assessing athletic characteristics such as Power, Speed, Posture, and even movement capability our coaches will help customize a program that will yield the best possible results.



Our Semi-private training environment allows athletes to train in a 2-1 or 3-1 setting of athlete to coach with a program completely tailored for their needs, goals, and sport.

Within our program we focus on three main components, which are training, nutrition, and recovery.


Our goal is to enhance athlete’s physical and athletic potential and through giving each individual the tools to achieve results in each of these components makes for results that are unmatched.

A  few  of  the  areas  we  focus  on

with  our  sport-specific  athletes  are:

Our program is split into D1 and D2 small group classes to ensure that all of our athletes receive individual attention and are also put into a setting with athletes to maximize results.




Absolute Performance Personal Training Program is designed for individuals looking for a fully customized approach to their fitness program. These individuals tend to have very specific goals or needs that will be tough to reach in a group fitness program that is programmed for a larger population.  This program also includes a nutrition and lifestyle assessment.


This   program   includes:

  • Customized programming designed for your specific goals

  • Measurements taken at the onset and along the progression of your program

  • A one-on-one training environment

  • Nutrition and lifestyle guidance


For those athletes that are specifically looking to improve efficiency in Olympic lifting, we have a qualified staff and even additional classes designed solely to help improve these specific lifts. With both attention to detail and specific programming, athletes will get learn the technical aspects of Olympic lifting while building strength to compliment.


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