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Monday 9.28.20

Monday 9.28.20

QOD: Have you ever re-gifted anything? If so, what was it?

Softball Pecs x30s ea + Softball Infras x30s ea

Dynamic Warm up x 8-10 min

Hip series x 5 each

Glute bridge x 10

1 leg glute bridge x 10 each

Supine leg swing x 5 each

Mtn climber x 10 each

spider mans x 5 each

Knee tuck to toe touch x 5 each

Piriformis x 5 each

Piriformis skips x 5 each

Jumping jacks x 20

Skill: Floor Press Tech

Teach Set-Up

1x10 Empty BB

1x8 @ 40%

1x8 @ 50-60%

3x8-10 @ By feel + KB Deadbug Hold x30s ea

WOD: For Time

3 rounds

800 m run

30/20 cal bike

2 min rest btwn sets

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