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Saturday 9.26.20

Saturday 9.26.20 QOD: Would You Rather… Talk Like Yoda Or Breathe Like Darth Vader? (8-10m)


Press-Ups x10 + Alt Bird Dogs x5e

Dynamic W/U:

Quad Hip Series x10e

Mt Climbers x10e

Spiderman w reach x5e

Crossover Ham Stretch x5e

Knee Tuck x5e

Pushup/Kneeling PU to Inchworm x5

Jumping Jacks x10

Seal Jacks x10

Skill: Deadlift (10-12m)

1x5e PVC Hip Hinge, PVC RDL to DL, BB RDL to DL

EMOM x 6m

Min 1: 3 Deadlifts w Chain @ 65-75%*

Min 2: Weighted Plank x30s

Strength: 3 Rounds

SB 2/1 Ham Curl x12-15

DB 1 Arm Row x15e

WOD: 10 Rounds for Time

10 Wall balls(20/14)

10 Burpees

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