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Monday 8.31.20

Monday 8.31.20

QOD: What was the best part of your weekend?

SB Infras x30s ea + Pec 30s ea


KB Arm Bar Hod x30s ea

Tempo Pushup/Kneeling Pushup into Inchworm x5 (321)

Jog 200m

Skill: Handstand Pushup Skill

Part 1:

Free Standing or Wall Facing Hold x30s *

Hollow Hold x20s

Superman Hold x20s

*Modifications: Pike/Kneeling Pike/Plank w Tap x30s*

Part 2:

5m EMOM3

3-6 Strict HSPU*

*Modifications: 45lb + Pad/Pike HSPU/Kneeling Pike HSPU/DB Strict Press x8-10*

WOD: 15 min AMRAP

Ascending Each Round

Version #1:

400 m run

5 yd hs walk*

400 m run

10 yd hs walk

400 m run

15 yd hs walk…..

*HS walk → wall walks increasing by 2 each round

Version #2:

200m Run/Row

5 Pushup to Inchworm Walk

200m Run/Row

10 Pushup to Inchworm Walk

200m Run/Row

15 Pushup to Inchworm Walk ….


  1. Run - Row

  2. HSW - Wall Walk x2 (inc by 2 each round) - Pike Walk - Pushup to Inchworm

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