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Saturday 8.22.20

Saturday 8.22.20

QOD: Sweater, Sweatshirt, or Hoodie?


Prone Scorpion Rock x5e +Supine Leg Swing x5e

3 rounds:

30s Pushup/Kneeling PU to Inchworm

30s Hollow Body Rocks

30s 1 Arm Banded OHD Press

30s Rest

Skill: Handstand Tech

EMOM x 6

1: Pike walk x 3 + 3 each side shoulder tap

2: Hollow to v up/Suitcase Crunch x 30s

Strength: 3 Rounds

3 Point Pushup x6-8e (Can add Weight Use a Plate)

2 Arm DB BTN* Tri Ext x12-15

Band Spread x20

*Behind the Neck* (Click Here for Link to Video)


Version #1:

35 sit ups

7 Handstand Push ups (strict Pike)

5 each arm DB hang Clean and jerk

Version #2:

25 sit ups/Alt V-Ups


5 each arm DB hang Clean and jerk


  1. Situps - Alt BW V-Ups

  2. Pike HSPU - HRPU - Inc PU

  3. DB C&J - DB Clean

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