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Wednesday 8.12.20

Wednesday 8.12.20

QOD: You’re at a fancy restaurant, do you get surf or turf? (no combo)?


½ Kneel Ankle Dorsi-Flex Stretch x30s ea

Dynamic W/U

Single leg GB x10e

Double leg GB x10

Spiderman w/ reach

Hip series x5e (fire hydrant, straight leg scorpion, backwards rotations)

MT climbers x10e (w/ pause)

Pushup to Inchworm x5

Knee tuck to toe touch x5e

Rev Lunge x5e

Jumping jack series x10e Regular + Crossover Jacks

Strength: 4 rounds

Renegade row (No Pushup)/Bent 1 Arm Row x 10ea

2 DB strict press/1/2 Kneel 1 DB Strict Press x 10/10e

Bird dog to Crunch x 10 each side


Version #1:

Max Pushups

400 M run

Version #2:

Max Kneeling Pushups

Run/Row 300m


  1. Pushups - Inc Pushups

  2. Run - Row

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