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Friday 6.12.20 (AT Home Workout)

FRIDAY's 7am Zoom Class Link


Meeting ID: 880 7059 9572 Password: 283354


Press-Ups x10

Curl-Ups x5e (3s Pause)


Pushup/Kneeling Pushup to Inchworm x5

BW Step-Ups x5e

2 Leg GLute Bridge x20

Skill: Clean Skill

If You Have a BB:

EMOM x 8:

3 PC (fl) * light focus on cycling with chest and back in good position*

If you have a DB/KB:

Odd: 3 HPC each arm

Even: Plank up downs x 30 s


ODD: 10e BW Step-Ups

Even: 30 s plank up downs


CrossFit Version:

50 DB/KB DL/R KBS/Mt Climbers

40 Alt Rev Lunges/Step-Ups

30 DB Push press/Pushups

20 Burpees

Fundamentals Version: 8m AMRAP

20 KB/DB DL/R KBS/Mt Climbers

20 Air squat or alt reverse lunge

20 Pushups/Incline Push ups

20 Squat Thrust/Mod Burpee

Cool Down:

Prone Scorpion Hold x30-45s ea

Pigeon Stretch x60s ea


  1. DB/KB DL - R KBS - Mt Climbers

  2. Rev Lunges - Step-Ups

  3. DB PP - Pushups - Inc PU

  4. Burp - Squat Thrust - Mod Burp

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