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Thursday 6.11.20 (At Home Workout)

Puppy Dog Stretch x60s

Wall/Floor Slides x10


3 rounds:

10 Bar kips or 10 hollow rocks

20 superman rocks

100 yd run

Skill: Upper Circuit

If you have pull up bar

4 rounds:

8-10 strict pullups

Tempo push up x 6( 3/2/1)

Hollow to alt v up x 10 each

No pullup bar/ BW version:

Backpack row/DB row x 20

Tempo push up x 6 (3/2/1)- go from knees or incline if need be

Hollow to alt v- up x 10 each

WOD: Every 4 mins for 20mins

CrossFit Version:

300m Run/Row/Bike

15 Box Jump Overs/Box Step-Overs

15 T2B/Toe2KB/Toe to Pole

Fundamentals Version:

200m Run/Walk

10 Box Step-Overs

10 Toe to Pole

Cool Down:

Press-Ups x10

Waling Ham Stretch x2m


  1. Run - Row - Bike

  2. BJO - BSO

  3. T2B - T2KB - T2Pole

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