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Monday 6.1.20 (At Home Workout)

Link to Zoom Meeting Monday 7am:


Meeting ID: 765 0137 3873 Password: 371775


Puppy Dog Stretch x45s

Wall Slides x10

QoD: Would you rather get peanut butter in the jelly jar or jelly in the peanut butter jar?

3 rounds:

3 Pushup + 3e Plank Tap + 3 Inchworm Walk*

Box/Chair Step-Ups x5e

HB Hold or Bent Knee Hollow Hold x30s

*Can all be done kneeling

Skill: Handstand Skill

3 rounds:

10-20y HSW/10e WF Shoulder Taps/Pike Taps/High Plank Taps

DB/KB 1 Arm/2 Arm Tri Ext/High to Low Plank x12-15

Toe to Pole/Knee tuck x15-20



10 Low Incline Pushups

20 1 DB/KB Weighted Situps/BW Situps

30 DU/SU/Plate SU/Line Overs

Fundamentals Version: 10m AMRAP

5 Pushups/Inc Pushups/Shoulder Taps

10 BW Situps/Alt V-Ups

15 SU/Plate SU/Line Overs

Cool Down:

Standing Pec Stretch x45s ea

Deep Squat Breathing x60s

Box Piriformis Stretch x45s ea


  1. C2B - Pullup - DB/KB Row - Plank Taps

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