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Tuesday 5.19.20 (At Home Workout)


Wall Slides x60s

QOD: If You could do only one exercise for the rest of your life what would it be?

Mob: EMOM x9m

Min 1: Scap Pushups x15-20

Min 2: Squat Thrusts x8-10

Min 3: Heel Touches x5e

Skill: 3-4 rounds

Strict Ring Dips/Chair Dips/Incline Pushups x8-10

Strict Pullups/DB 1 Arm Rows/Backpack Rows x8-10

DB/KB/BW Lateral Box/Chair Step-Up x5e


CrossFit Version

500m Run/Row/Bike (40/30 Cal)

40 Burpees Over DB/KB/Burpees

30 Alt Pistols/Rev Lunges/BW Step-Up

20 Pullups/10 ea arm DB/KB Bent Row/Backpack row x20

Fundamentals Version:

300m Run/Walk/Jog

20 Squat Thrust/Mod Burp

10 Rev Lunge/BW Step-Up


  1. Run - Row - Bike

  2. Burpee ODB - Burpee - Squat Thrust - Mod Burp

  3. Pullups - 1 Arm DB/KB Row - Backpack Row

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