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Monday 5.18.20 (At Home Workout)


½ Kneel Ankle Dorsi-Flexion Stretch x30-45s ea side

3 rounds:

BroomStick/PVC x3e (Shrug, High Pull, Power Clean)

SU/Line Hops/StepUps x50

High Plank with Tap x5e

Strength: Clean Tech

BB Options

4 rounds:

AK squat clean + Front squat + BK squat Clean + Front Squat

4 rounds:

KB/ DB: hang squat clean x 2 + 2 I arm front squats/ 4 Backpack squat cleans from the floor + 4 Front squats with back pack + Bird dog to crunch x 5 each side

4 Rounds:

BW: 20 Air Squats or Box Squats + Bird Dog to Crunch x5e side

WOD: For Time

CrossFit Version:


DB/KB C&J/Backpack Cleans/Situps (break-up however/ arm)


DU/SU/Line Hops/Step-Overs

Fundamentals Version:

10-20-30-40-50 Situps/Alt V-Ups

10-20-30-40-50 Line Hops/Step-Overs


  1. DB C&J - Backpack Cleans - Situps - Alt V-Ups

  2. DU- SU - Line Hops - Step-Overs

Optional Post Workout:

Strength: Front Squat

3x5 (Pause for 3s on reps 1,3,5) @ by feel

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