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Friday 5.15.20 (At Home Workout)

Mob: 8m AMRAP

Inchworm walks w Press Up x5

High to Low Plank x5

Air Squat Hold x20s


Part 1: 3 rounds

Wall Facing/Pike/High Pushup Hold 30-60s

30s Hollow Hold/Bent Knee Hollow Hold

1m Rest

Part 2: 3-5 Rounds

3-5 Strict HSPU/5 Pike HSPU/5 Inchworm PU/Tempo Pushups (212) x10

Rest as Needed

WOD: 3 Rounds


5 HSPU/Pike HSPU/Inchworm Pushup/HRPU

10 (5e) Alt DB/KB Snatch/Toe to Pole

15 Air Squats

*Rest 1m Between Rounds


  1. HSPU - Pike HSPU - Inchworm PU -

Optional Post Workout:

Strength: 3-4 rounds

DB Tri Ext x12-15

DB Bicep Curl x12-15

Strict Chinup x5-6 (pause 3s at Top)

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