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Thursday 4.30.20 (At Home Workout)

QOD: If you were going to an important dinner, would you rather wear a shirt/dress that was one size too big or one size too small?

Mob: 3 rounds

30s DU/SU/Line Hops

10s Rest

30s R Leg Heel Touch

10s Rest

30s L Leg Heel Touch

10s Rest

30s High Plank w Tap

Skill: Pullup Skill

If you have a pullup bar:

EMOM x 8m

Odd: 10 Bar Kips + 20s Hollow Hold

Even: 5-8 Strict Pullups

If you don’t have a pullup bar:

EMOM x8m

Odd: 20s Hollow + 20s Superman

Even: x20 2 Arm DB/KB Row/2 Arm Backpack Row

WOD: For Time

Buy In: 150 DU/SU/Plate Step-Ups/Line Hops

10 rounds of:

15 Air Squat

10 Pushup

5 Pullups/10 DB/KB/Backpack Upright Row

Cash Out: 150 DU/SU/Plate Step-Ups/Line Hops


  1. DU - SU - Plate Step-Ups - Line Hops

  2. Air Squat - Chair or Couch Squat

  3. Pushup - Incline PU

  4. Pullups - KB/DB Upright Row - Backpack Upright Row

Optional Post Workout:

Strength: 3-4 rounds

DB Floor Press x12-15

Banded Tri Ext x15-20

Banded Spreads x20

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