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Wednesday 4.29.20 (At Home Workout)


3 Rounds:

10 Squat Therapy + 10s Hold (on last Rep)

5 Box Jumps/Box or Chair Step-Ups

30s Wall Facing/Pike/Inchworm HS Hold

3 Rounds

3x ea PVC/BroomStick Shrugs + High Pulls + Power Cleans + Squat Cleans

QOD: If you were going to an important dinner, would you rather wear a shirt/dress that was one size too big or one size too small?

Strength: Power Clean + Squat Clean

EMOM x8m

If you Have a BB:

1 Power Clean (fl) + 1 Squat Clean (fl)*


If you have a DB/KB:

Even Min: 5 1 Arm Hang Power Cleans (ea)

Odd Min: 5 1 Arm Hang Squat Cleans (ea)

BW Version:

Even Min: 10 Backpack Power Cleans

Odd Min: 10 Backpack Front Squats



DB/KB Box Step-Up/Backpack Box Step-Up/BW Chair Step-Up


*Rem Time Max DB/KB Box Step-Up/Backpack Step-Up/BW Chair Step-Up


  1. DB/KB BSU - Backpack Step-Up - BW Chair Step-Up

  2. HSPU - Pike HSPU - Inchworm PU - HRPU

Optional Post Workout:

Strength: 3-4 Sets

5 Tempo Front Squats (3s Lower + 3s Pause)

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