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Monday 4.27.20 (At Home Workout)

Mob: 12m EMOM

Min 1: 50 SU/Line Hops

Min 2: 5 Inchworms

Min 3: 15 KB/DB/BW RDLs

Skill: T2B Skill

Part 1: 3 rounds

Hip Flexor Drill x10-12

20s L-Sit Hang Hold/Plank Hold x40s

Part 2:

If you have a pullup bar:

3x 8-10 Strict T2B (Rest as Needed)

If you don’t have a pullup bar:

3x20 Toe to KB (Rest As Needed)/Toe to Pole


200m Run/Row/Bike (15/12 Cal)/15 Burpees

20 DB/KB Am Swings/Backpack Swings

10 T2B/10 BW V-Ups


  1. Run - Row - Bike - Burpees

  2. DB/KB Swing - Backpack Swing

  3. T2B - BW V-ups

Optional Post Workout:

Strength: 3-4 rounds

BB/DB/KB/BW Glute Bridge x8-10

Ring/BB Inverted Row x10-12

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