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Wednesday 4.8.20 (At Home Workout)


2 rounds

Prone leg swings x 30s

Jumping jacks x 30s

Low Push up/Kneeling Pushup Hold x 30s

Straddle hip lifts or Regular hips lifts x 30s

Mtn climbers x 30s


5 Min EMOM

8- 10 strict TTB/ or 10Toe to KB or 10 Toe to pole


5 round not for time

Strict Dips 8-10/ DB KB tricep extension x15/Table Tri Ext x8-10

Wgt sit ups x 20

KB/Backpack front rack hold x60s

EXTRA condition 30 min walk/ jog/ hike GET OUTSIDE


60s work/60s rest Intervals x10 rounds

Bike/Row/Run/Burpees *

*Score is total calories or reps

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