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3.31.20 Tuesday (At Home Workouts)


EMOM x 12

Min 1: Inchworm + push up x 30s

Min 2: 3 Kick up to a hand stand on wall +

20 s hold on last rep OR Wall Facing

Hold x30s OR :30s plank up downs

Min 3: Alt BW V-Ups x30s

Min 4: Jog x30s


On a BB or DB

5 rounds

3 strict press+ 3 push press + 3 push jerks

  • If on a DB this is all done on one side and then switch

  • Choose a weight if your on a BB that you can do all them UB

Wgt sit up x 20

WOD: For Time

4 rounds

400m Run/Row/Bike (30/20)

20 m HS walk/20m Bear Crawl/20 Burpees


  1. Run - Row - Bike (30/20) Cals

  2. 20m HS Walk - 20m Bear Crawl - 20 Burpees

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