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3.2.20 Monday

SB: Pecs, Lats

Band Shoulder Series 2x15e + SB Infras x10e

What was the last board/ card game you played?

3 Rounds

200m Row

10 Ring Rows

20-30s Ring Supp Hold

Skill: Pullup Skill

Part 1: 3 rounds

Bar hollow w. toe on box x 5- last rep hold x:10s

Superman rocks x 20 ea

Bar Kips x 5 each

Part 2: Chest to Bar

EMOM x 8

Min 1: 8/6 C2B pullups

Min 2::30s hollow hold

WOD: “Base Jumper”


600m Row

3 Strict Pullup

6 Strict R Dips

12 R KBS (55/35)

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