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3.1.20 Saturday

FR: Quads, T-Spine

Bird Dog x10e

What temperature do you keep your house at during the winter?

10m EMOM

Min 1: 12-15 R KBS + 12-15 Air Squats

Min 2: 8 Box Jumps (or 4e Step-Ups)


PVC Hip Hinge 1x5e

PVC RDL to DL 1x10

KB RDL 1x10

BB RDL 1x10

Strength: Deadlift

Every 90s x 3 reps x 5 sets

All sets should be the same weight @80-85% max deadlift

WOD: “Bear Mase”

For Time (12m CAP)

3 rounds

20 DB Squats (50/35)

10 Burpee Box Jump up (24/20)

- not jump over. hit full extension at the top of box

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