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2.25.20 Tuesday

SB: Pecs, Infra

Couch Stretch x45s ea

(Modify with lunge and pull up foot (twisted lizard))

What is the worst pick up line you know?

12 Rounds

15s on /15s off

1. Hollow Body Rock

2. BW Reverse Lunge

3. Ring/ Bar Kips

4. Jumping Jacks

Skill: Box Squat

Goal is to squat 5% more (a little bit heavier that 5x5 back squat from 2 weeks ago)

1x5 @65%

1x5 @70-75%

3x5 heavier than 2 weeks ago



30 DU

6 KB alternating front rack rev lunge

- 3 each leg (50/35)

3 Jumping muscle up (dip out)

- set the rings up at eye level

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