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2.20.20 Thursday

SB: Pecs, Lats

2x20e (Band Tri, Facepull, Ext Rotation) + 10e SB Infras

What is a big event that you're looking forward to?

3 Rounds

200m Run

10y Inchworms

Skill: HSW Tech

Skill Part 1:

EMOM x 9

Min 1: Wall facing hold x :30

Min 2: Plank x :45 s

Min 3: HS kick up to DEF (1 45lb plate each side) x 5

Skill Part 2:

In a 6 min Window:

3x 5-10 yd HS walk

WOD: “Upside Down Days”

12 Min Amrap

6 shuttle runs (10 yd down and back = 1)

3 HSPU (flat surface)*

6 shuttle runs

3 Ring Dips*

*Each round of HSPU and Ring Dips increase by 3's.

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