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2.19.20 Wednesday

Mob: Lats, Glutes

Banded Knee Tuck x45s ea

Would you rather only wear flip flops or only wear work boots for the rest of your life?


1. 15 R. KBS

2. 30 SU

3. 5e Spiderman w Reach

Deadlift Warm Up

PVC Hip Hinge x5e



KB RDL to floor on top of 45lb plate x5

BB RDL on plate x5

warm up:

3x3 up to 65% on top of 45lb plate if applicable

Skill: Conv DL

4x3 Conv DL

Rx/Comp: 65-75% max deadlift

(can work up in this percent range if maintaining a good spine position)

enter score for heaviest set of 3

Perf: 4x3 65-75% max DL (can work up no deficit)

Rx 55+: 4x3 65-75% max DL (can work up no deficit)

Fitness: 4x8 + KB Deadbug x30s ea

no deficit

Modification: 4x10 KB RDL to DL

WOD: “

Every 4 Min for 3 rounds:

Round 1

150 DU

20 DL (185/125)

Round 2

2 rounds:

75 DU

15 DL (185/125)

Round 3:

3 rounds:

50 DU

10 DL (185/125)

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