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2.14.20 FRIYAY



SB: Feet/Calves x2m

Ankle Walks x50y ea

What's a bad quality to have in a significant other?

Dynamic W/U x7m

Skill: Broad Jump Skill

2 rounds:

Depth drop w. stick x 3

10 total

Depth drop into Broad Jump*

-make sure you stick the depth drop landing (Power position) before exploding out to Broad Jump

-first few just work on sticking the broad jump

- last ones if they feel good work on getting more distance in the broad jump


3 rounds

Low Box Jump w. Stick x3

Med ball slams x 10

WOD: “Honey Mooners”

30 Min AMRAP w. Partner

800 m run (5x around track) together

200 yd Farmer Carry (55/35) (Share)

30 St. leg sit up (Share reps however, 1 Partner must hold a plank while 1 partner does sit ups)

30 Synchro Squats (55/35) (one person holds KB one person does air squats)

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