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2.13.20 Thursday


Folder in Bin Please =) + Corrective Sheet

SB: pecs, infra

Band Shoulder Series x15e

Would you rather be able to fly for free or eat anywhere you want for free for the rest of your life?


1: 8 Box Jumps (Step Down)

2: Band Facepull/Tri Ext x15-20ea

3: 25y each DB Waiter Walk

Skill: HSPU Tech

3 rounds:

Kick up to 2x45lb plates x 3

Wall walk x 2 +:20 s hold

Alt v up x 8 ea (hold hollow position throughout if possible)

Rest 2m then….

Max Set of Kipping HSPU (Flat surface)

Rest 2m then…

Strict HSPU Down sets to a pad 2x5-8

WOD: “Pop Rocks”

For time (6 min CAP)


DB Hang power clean (50/35)

Box jump over (24/20)

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