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2.11.20 Tuesday


FR: Lats 2m

Band Shoulder Series 2x15e + SB Infras x15e

Would you rather explore-

the grand canyon in the dark:

the Amazon Rainforest during a rainstorm:

3 Rounds

10/8 Cal Row

15 Band Pull Downs

Low Ring Hold x10-20s

Skill: Ring Dip Skill

Part 1:

3 rounds:

Kipping box Drill x 3-5

Band Ext rotation hold x :20s ea side


Banded Ring Dip x 3-5 or Ring Tri Ext x8-10

Part 2:

EMOM x 6

Min 1: Kipping Ring Dip x 5-8

Min 2: :30s hollow body hold

WOD: “Planet of the Apes”

3 RFT (16 min Cap)

30 Cal Row

20 Pull-ups

10 Ring Dips

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