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2.8.20 Saturday


Folders in bin + correctives! :)

SB: Pecs, Infra

2x15e Band Tricep Ext, Facepull, Bicep Curl

Would you rather have one real get out of jail free card or a key that opens any door?

3 Rounds

250m Row

25y ea Suitcase Carry

15 Ring Row

Skill: Rope Climb Skill

3 Rounds:

Seated J-hook hold x 3

High Box Jump x 5 (30/24)

Hollow to Tuck up x 10

-try bringing knees close to elbows, shoulders off ground

-hollow is the recovery position


J-hook hold -->20 std band pull downs

Box jump (24/20) or 5 each leg step up

EMOM x 10

Min 1: 1 Rope Climb

Min 2: 8 Kipping K2E


2 rope climbs


Seated rope pulls x 3

K2E ->knee raise ->laying leg raise

WOD: “Tippy Toes”

4 RFT (12 min cap)

500 m row

Toe to KB (15)

Push up (10)

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