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2.6.20 Thursday


Folder in Bin Please =) + Corrective Sheet

FR: Lats, Quads x2m

Banded Shoulder Swimmers x45s ea

Would you rather workout on a full stomach or not be allowed to eat for 3 hours after?

3 rounds

30s Hollow Rocks

15s Rest

30s BW RMU Transition

15s Rest

30s Burpee

15s Rest

Skill: Strict Bar Skill

Part 1:

Alt Tabata as a group

8 rounds :20 on :10 off

Hollow body holds/Super-man holds

3 rounds:

3 bar kips -> on third rep try to pause in hollow position

15 BW V-Up ( hollow position is rest position)

5-8 strict pullup


3-5 strict C2B


Band Assisted Pull Ups

or 10 tempo Ring row (2/2/1)

WOD: “Straightjacket”

20min AMRAP

Ring Muscle-Up (2/1)

8 Burpees

12 1-DB Hang C&J(50/35)(6 ea)

16 1-DB Box step up (50/35) (24/20) (8ea)

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