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2.5.20 Wednesday


Folder in Bin Please =) + Corrective Sheet

FR: Lats, T-Spine, Glutes

Bird Dog x5e

Who would you rather have unlimited access to your text messages?

Your mom:

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3 Rounds

300m Row

10 R. KBS

10 MB Cleans

Skill: Power Clean Skill

PVC 1x5e (RDL, Shrug, High Pull, Power Clean, Front Squat)

BB 1x5e (RDL, Shrug, High Pull, Power Clean, Front Squat)

W/U 3x 1 PC (fl) + 1 HPC (bk) @ 40-65%

4x 1 PC (fl) + 1 HPC (bk) @ 70-75%

Comp: Same as Rx

Perf: 60-65%

Fitness: HPC 4x5 Light

Strength: Clean Grip DL

3x3 @85-90% max clean

Pause below knee for a 2 count on the way up

Comp: same as Rx

Perf: same as Rx

Fit: 3x5 Light + 15 weighted sit ups after each set

WOD: Row Intervals

10 Rounds

:45s Hard

:15s Rest

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