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1.31.20 Friyay!


Folder in Bin Please =) + Corrective Sheet

SB: FR Lats, Upper Back x2m

FR shoulder flexion x8e

Who's winning the Superbowl?



3 Rounds

Pike walk x 3 + 3 HS push up + 5 shoulder tap each side

Alt KB shoulder press x 8e

Hollow rocks x 15

Skill: Handstand Skill

3 Sets

Elevated Hollow on Rack x5


5 Kick Ups on 2x45lb plates


Kick Up to paralettes


Kick up to wall


Headstand kick up

WOD: Sharp Shooter

With a partner complete...

5 Rounds For Time

10/8 cal Assault Bike

5y Handstand Walk

20y 1-DB OH Walking Lunge (50/35lb)

(10y each)

(18m cap)

Alternate partners after every exercise

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