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1.25.20 Saturday


Folders in bin + correctives! :)

FR: Quads, T-Spine

TKEs x25e

Would you rather have a Disney World in every state or a real Jurassic Park?


Min 1: MB Thruster x10

Min 2: Reverse Grip Ring Row x10

Skill: Toes to Bar

2 Sets

Hollow on Bar w. box x3-5 + :10s hold on last rep

Straight arm Lat pulldown x15

Superman Rocks x20

Hollow Rocks x10


Min 1: Strict T2B x8-10

Min 2: Bar Kip x10

WOD: Choose Your Journey

For Time

100 Wall Ball (20/14)

50 Toes to Bar

(14m Cap)

*Break up reps however you want

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