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1.23.20 Thursday


Folder in Bin Please =) + Corrective Sheet

FR: Quads/T-Spine x2m

Side Planks 3x5e (pause for 3s)

Would you rather get an extra hour of sleep every night or the breakfast of your choice in bed every morning?

Ladder Drills w MB x7m

Strength: 3 Sets

3-Way BB Inverted Row x5e

MB V-Up x10e

Farmer Carry x100y

WOD: Family Vacation

With a partner…


20 Cal Row (Partition)

20 Cal Bike (Partition)

20 Synchro Sit-Ups

2m Rest


15 Cal Row (Partition)

15 Cal Bike (Partition)

15 Synchro Sit -Ups

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