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11.29.19 Friyay!


Folder in Bin Please =) + Corrective Sheet

SB: Pecs, Infra x2m

Banded Cat/Camel x20

(What was the best thing you ate at Thanksgiving?)

2 Rounds:

K2KB/T2KB x12-15

Banded Lat Pulldown x12-15

KB Partner Push Swing x10

Skill: Toes to Bar

2 rounds:

Bar Kips x5

Strict T2B/Knee Raise x5

HBR x10

*Test Max T2B* (Strict or Kipping)

*Record in PR Tracker*

Rest 2m then

2x40% Max T2B

WOD: Quinceañera


15/12 cal Row

15/12 A.KBS (70/55lb)

15/12 St Leg Sit-Up

Cool Down: 3 Sets

Banded Shoulder Series 2x15e (Banded Facepulls, Tri Ext, Banded ER)

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