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11.26.19 Tuesday


Folder in Bin Please =)

+ Corrective Sheet

FR: Lats, T-Spine x2m

2 sets Band Tri Ext + Facepull x15e

(What is something that is out of style that you think will come back?)

3 Sets

BW Transition x5

Bar/ Ring Kip x8-10

Inchworm + 3 Push Up + 3e Shoulder Tap x3

Skill: Ring Muscle Ups

4 Sets

RMU x30-40% Max UB + 10 HBR/20s Hollow Holds

If no RMU then follow Performance (rest 90s-2m)

WOD: EMOM x10m

Min 1: 18/15 Cal Row

Min 2: 8-10 Ring Dips

Strength: 3 Sets

Strict Ring Pullups/Banded Pullups x3-6

Banded Tri Ext xfail

SB Infras x10e

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