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11.9.19 Saturday


Folder in Bin Please =) + Corrective Sheet

FR Lats/Quads x2m

Banded Swimmers x45s ea

(Which Open workout was the hardest?)

2 rounds:

Band Facepulls/Tri Ext x15e

Wall Walks x3 +10s Hold

Spiderman w Reach x5e

Skill: HS Walks

2 sets of

KB Arm Bar Hold x30s

Weighted Plank x45s

EMOM x 10m

Min 1: 15-20y HSW

Min 2: Alt BW V-Ups x8-10e


(5/5,10/10,15/15, 20/20….)

Cal AB


Post Stretch: 2-3 sets

SB Infras x10e

Ring Deep Squat Breathng x5 breaths

Band Spreads x20

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