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10.3.19 Thursday


Folder in Bin Please =) + Corrective Sheet

SB: Calves, Feet x2m

Ankle Walks x50y ea

If you were given $20 and you had to spend it on one thing without going over and you had to give back and change, what would you spend it on?

Dynamic W/U

Skill: Double Unders

11:00 EMOM

Minutes 1-3

15-20 Plate Jump

(Jump two feet up and down onto 25/45lb plate)

1:00 Rest

Minutes 5-7

20-30 Single Unders

1:00 Rest

Minutes 9-11

20-30 UB Double Unders


With a partner...

5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30….

Assault Bike

Box Jump

Sit Up

Cool Down: 3 Sets

Band Ext Rot x15

Band Facepull x15

Band Tri Ext x15

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