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9.27.19 FRIYAY!

**PR Tracker Day**


Folder in Bin Please =) + Corrective Sheet

Banded Cat Camel x20

(On average, what time do you normally go to bed on the weekend?)

Warmup: 2 Rounds

MB Clean x10

Box Jump x5

Kneeling X Band Side Plank x30s ea

Ankle Stretch x30s ea

Skill: Power Clean *PR Tracker Workout*

(½ RDL, Shrug, HP, PC)

PVC 1x5 BB Oly W/U

BB 1x5 BB Oly W/U

12 Minutes

1RM Power Clean

Strength: Front Squat

3x5 (3s pause @ bottom) @ RPE 7 + 90/90 Hip Lift x5 breaths

WOD: 3 Sets

DB Rev Lunge + RDL x8e

HASD w/ MB x100y

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