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9.25.19 Wednesday


Folder in Bin Please =) + Corrective Sheet

BB Foot/Calf Smash x2m

MB Duckunders x10e (Use BB)

(Would you rather go back in time and give your younger self advice or go to the future and get advice from your older self?)

2 Rounds:

Banded TKEs x20e

Goblet Box Step-Ups x5

PVC Snatch Balance x10

Skill: Power Snatch

(½ RDL, Shrug, HP, PS)

PVC 1x5 BB Oly W/U

BB 1x5 BB Oly W/U

W/U: 2-3 Sets x3 (ak, 40-60%)

Hang Power Snatch

4x3 @ 65-70% (ak)

WOD: 5 Round For Time

10 Hang Power Snatch (95/65)

10 Box Jump Over (24”/20”)

(10m cap)

Strength: 3 Sets

PM GHRs/GHRs x8-10

Weighted Plank x45s - 1m

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