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8.28.19 Wednesday


FR: Lats, Quads x2m

SB Infras x10e

(Do you turn on the lights when you go to the bathroom at night?)

2 rounds:

3 Wall/Pike Walks + 5e Shoulder Taps on 3rd rep

10-15 Hollow Rocks

Feet Elev Heel Touch x5e

Skill: Strict HSPU

2 sets: 30s Wall Facing HS Hold w Taps (30-45s rest between)

3x3-5 Strict HSPU (Pad) + Ring Deep Squat Breathing x5 breaths (1-2m Rest between)

WOD: “Nautical Mary”


5 HSPU (Pad)

10 Pistol Squats or Rev Lunges

15 Cal Row

Addt’l Strength: 3 Sets

Band Pull Apart x20

DB Tricep Ext x15

3-Way Bicep Curl x5e

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