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8.22.19 Thursday

Mob: Fill Out Habit Tracker =)

SB: Pecs, Lats x2m

90/90 x5 breaths

Would you rather be alone for the rest of your life or only be surrounded by annoying people?

Dynamic W/U

Skill: Strict and Kipping HSPU

2 rounds:

3 Pike/Wall walks + 3e

10 scap push ups

15 hollow rocks

3 Sets

3 Strict HSPU + 3 Kipping HSPU (Pad)

*Rest 1-2m between rounds

Strength: 3 Sets

Strict Pullups x5-8 w 3s pause @ top

Ring Push Ups x10-15

Wgt Sit Up x15


Teams of 3-5

30y Prowler Sprint Shuttle

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