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7.22.19 MONDAY =)

Mob: Fill Out Habit Tracker =)

FR Quads/Lats x2m + Deep Squat Breathing x5 breaths

(What game are you really good at?)

2 Rounds:

Band Tricep/Face-pull x15

1-Arm KB Front Squat x5e

Spiderman w/ reach x5e

Skill: Row Technique

No arms/no straps x10

Arms/ no straps x10

Arms/ straps x10

1:00 20 s/m

1:00 rest

1:00 25 s/m

1:00 rest

1:00 30 s/m

Coaches focus: focus is keeping good technique with different paces, not worrying about distance during each minute on

Wod: 1Round for max reps

2:00 Wall Balls (20/14)

1:00 rest

2:00 KB SDLHP 55/35lb

1:00 rest

2:00 Chest to Bar

1:00 rest

2:00 Cal Row

1:00 rest

2:00 Burpees

Strength: 3 Sets

Kneeling Band Tri Ext x15-20

3-Way Chest Supp Row x5e

Weighted Sit-Up x15-20

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