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7.18.19 Thursday

Mob: Fill Out Habit Tracker =)

SB Feet/Calves x2m + Banded groiners x50

What’s the funniest way that you’ve been injured?

2 rounds:

PVC Overhead Squat x10

Feet Elev Heel Touch x5e

TKEs x25e

Skill: Hang Snatch Tech

1x5 PVC Oly W/U

1x5 BB Oly W/U

W/U: 3 x HPS + HSS

5 x HPS + HSS


Strength: Back Squats

3x5 RPE 7

+ Plank Plate Slides x8e

WOD: 4 Sets

1:00 on / 1:00 off

Pistol Squats


Jumping Lunges

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