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7.11.19 Thursday

Mob: Fill out habit tracker!

FR: Quads, Lats + Banded Ankle Low Squat Holds x30s ea (If you could only train one muscle for the rest of your life what would it be?)

2 Rounds:

OHD Squat x8-10

TKEs x25e

Weighted Deadbug Hold x30s ea

Skill: Snatch

1x5e PVC Oly W/U

1x5e BB Oly W/U

W/U: 2-3 sets

1 Full Sn (Fl) + 1 OHD Squat (40%, 50%, 60%)

5 Sets

1 Full Sn (Fl) + 1 OHD Squat


Strength: Back Squat

3x2 @ RPE 8 + SB Exchanges x8e


2-KB OH Lunge x20y

DB 1 Arm Row x15e

HASD x100y

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