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6.19.19 Wednesday

Mob: Fill out Habit Tracker =)

FR Quads/Lats x2m (When Was the last time you visited your chiro or massage therapist?)

2 rounds:

Row 250m

Pushup to Inchworm x5

Quad Stretch x10y

Skill:HSW Skill

3 rounds

Wall walk x 1 + 5 shoulder taps each side + roll down

Plank x 1 min

On a 6 min running clock

3 x 45s-60s min wall facing holds

Rest as needed as long as its withing the 10 minutes

WOD: 5RFT (24m CAP)

Row 500m

20 BOR

Post Stretch: 1m each

Piriformis Stretch on Box

Couch Stretch

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