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6.12.19 Wednesday

Mob: Fill out Habit Tracker =)

SB Pecs/Infras x2m (would you rather be stranded alone in the desert or the middle of the ocean?)

2 rounds:

KB RDl to DL x8

Pushup tp Inchworm x5

BW Alt V-Ups x10e

Skill: Turkish Get-Up Skill

1x3ea BW Mod Turkish Get-Up

1x3e BW Full Turkish Get-Up

3x3e Turkish Get-Up (Load dependent on form and feel)

WOD: Partner WOD (18m CAP)

For Time (2 rounds each)

15/10 Cal AB

20 Am KBS (55/35)

15/10 Cal AB


15/20 Cal AB

20 Situps

*Alternate after each exercise

Post Strength: 3 sets

Tall Kneel Rope Tri Ext xfail

Seated GC Pulldowns x10-12

Weighted Plank x30s

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