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5.30.19 Thursday

Mob: Fill Out Habit Tracker =)

SB Pecs/Infras x2m + Banded Lat Stretch x45s ea side (Would you rather eat no candy at Halloween or no turkey at Thanksgiving?)

2 rounds:

KB BU Arm Bar Holds x30s ea

Row 250m

BW Ring Transitions x5

Skill: HS Walk Skill

(Weighted) Plank Hold x45-60s

Hollow Body Wall/Pike Walks x3

3 Pushups + 3 Taps ea side + 3 Inchworm Walk Backwards

EMOM x9m

Min 1: 5y HSW*

Min 2: 15 HBR

Min 3: Rest

Min 4: 10y HSW* (5y increments)

Min 5: 15 HBR

Min 6: Rest

Min 7: 15y HSW* (5y Inc)

Min 8: 15 HBR

Min 9: Rest

*Must have 10y UB HS Walks to complete full RX version if not complete each round 5 shoulder taps wall facing hold

WOD: In a 2m Window Complete

3/1-2 RMU or 10/5 C2B + 10/5 Ring Dips

Rem Time Cal Row

Rest 2m between rounds (3 rounds)

Strength: 3 sets

Banded Tri Ext x15-20

Seated Rope Pulldown x10

Rope Through KB Bicep Curls x15

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