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4.28.19 Sunday

Thank you to All of our AMAZING Sponsors, Vendors, Volunteers, Judges, Competing Athletes, Media (Erik Baker and Our Awesome group of Interns) for making this year's SFC the best yet. Each year you guys continue to support and amaze us with the turnout for this event and helping us raise the most money by far in our last 6 years!

The standings below are the final rankings for each team in their divisions. We will have additional posts with video and photos of the entire day coming later this week so stay Posted !

Thank you all again for an amazing day and the opportunity to host an event like this in honor of such an amazing person and to keep the fight going against all types of CANCER!

Next up Ride for Roswell !!

Scaled Men Final Standings

1 Valar Morghulis

2 Goons R Us

3 Blood, Sweat and Beers

4 Shooting Our WOD

5 Sweaty Medballs

6 Slow Men Drinking

7 Harborscaled

8 This Time's a Charm!

9 Team Misfits

10 Three Guys, One Bar

11 Throwing Fitz

12 Arduous 3

13 We Mean Business

14 Crossfit Amherst (Scaled)

15 Two Bro's and an Intern

Scaled Women Final Standings

1 CFNC Strong

2 Third Wheelin

3 Three Peas in a WOD

4 Cardo Queens

5 BLood Sweat and Beers

6 Chalk Dirty To Me

7 WOD We Get Into

8 Resting Brit Face

9 Victorious Secret

10 Burpee Squad

11 Buns and Guns

12 Turn Down For WOD

13 Good Karma

14 Beast Mode Babes

15 Barbell Brawlers

16 The Butter Lambs

Rx Men Final Standings

1 The Wolves and the Wildling


3 Pete's Farewell

4 I'm Not Wearing Hockey Pads

5 Crossfit Amherst (Rx)

6 A Team Has No Name

7 Harborside Dudes

8 Saved by The Barbell

9 Tickle Tickle

10 Thanos Did Nothing Wrong

11 Harborside 4th Line

12 The Strong slow and whining

13 AP3

Rx Women Final Standings

1 Harborside Ladies

2 LCCF Ladies

3 Basement Brawlers

4 Two Guidos and a Potato

5 Bend and Snatch

6 The Misfits

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