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4.22.19 Monday

Mob: Fill Out Habit Tracker =)

SB Pecs/Infras + Banded Shoulder Swimmers x45s ea (would you rather eat pizza everyday of your life or never be able to eat pizza again?)

Corrective Sheet x10m

Skill: Bar Skill

3 rounds:

Straight arm standing pulldown wth pvc pipe through band x 15-20

10 hollow rocks + :20s hollow body hold+ 20s Superman Hold

3 Box Bar MU

EMOM x5m

2 Kipping PU + 2 C2B + 2 BMU


3 Kipping PU + 3 Kipping C2B

Strength: 3 Sets

Ring Tri Ext x10

Split Stance Landmine Press x8e


10 KB C & J (55/35)

5/3 Strict C2B

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