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2.14.19 Thursday

Mob: Fill Out Habit Tracker =)

SB Pecs/Infras x2m (NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL?)

2 rounds:

Elevated Heel Touch x5e

Calf Stretch x30s ea

MB V-Ups x10

Band Facepulls/Tri Ext x15e

Skill: pullups and hollows

Alternation Tabata

:20s hollow hold

10 s rest

:20 s superman old

10 s rest….

4 rounds of each

3 rounds

Strict wgt chin up x 5

Strict dip x 10

Bw v up x 15


Min 1: 15 Box Jumps/Step-ups (20)

Min 2: 20 Push-ups

Min 3: 25 Situps

Min 4: Max Cals AB

Min 5: Rest

Post Stetch: 1-2 rounds

Supine Banded Knee Tuck x1m ea

Pigeon Stretch x1m ea

Press ups x10

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